Rezort Lúčka is an accommodation facility situated in a picturesque and popular tourist village Lúčka, in district of Rožňava.

      The village of Lúčka is located 19 kilometres far from the town of Rožňava, in valley of Čermošná stream, on southern border of Slovak Karst. Narrow Borčanská valley suddenly opens up there and guest who is coming to Zádielská valley is fascinated by unique beauty of village lying on the terrace of limestone at altitude of 588 meters above the sea level.


      It is a major center of tourism in the east Gemer, which is known not only for its beautiful nature with endless possibilities all year round tourism and sports, but also the rich history of folk architecture.

      On the hill above the village are located impressive ruins of a medieval fortification church, which is locally known as "Hussite church", or simply as "Old church".


      At the northern edge of the village, on a hill is situated Gothic fortified church from the 13th century with a rectangular vaulted sanctuary and rectangular boat. In the mid-15th century, it was occupied by remnants of the defeated troops of John Jiskra of Brandys. Among them were many former Hussite warriors. They increased defense wall with loopholes and built a new tower. After the First World War, the church burned down and has not been renewed. In early eighties of the 20th century ruins of the church have been preserved and defense tower re-roofed. In folk tradition is a relic known as the Hussite Church. Access road and surroundings of the church are governed and the monument is open to the public.

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